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Denture repairs

denture repair

1-hour Denture Repair, False teeth repairs, denture additions, adjustments and modifications.

We offer a 1-hour denture repair service, and we can cater for emergency out of hour’s repairs if required, although some repairs may require an impression to be taken.

Many denture wearers have been in the situation where their dentures have broken, and we know it can be very embarrassing to be without your smile, which can be worse if you are a busy professional, that’s why we also offer out of hours appointments.

We also offer emergency dentures for people that may find themselves in the unfortunate situation when a new denture is required quickly.

Lose dentures?

You may be happy with your current dentures, but they have begun to feel a bit lose. No problem, we can reline and correct the fit of your current dentures at a fraction of the price for new ones.

Denture teeth missing or gaps?

We can add missing or lost teeth to your current denture to restore your smile and the functionality of your dentures.

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