Unit L Islington Wharf
Penryn, Falmouth, TR10 8AT



Welcome to Care Denture Clinic and Laboratory.

We provide cosmetic, functional, lifelike dentures that are produced using the latest techniques and technology all produced in-house, direct to you.

Do you have issues with your existing dentures or false teeth or require new ones? Then why not book a free consultation today by calling us on 01326712352 or email to discuss treatment options and how much your new dentures will cost?

 Why choose Care Denture?

At Care Denture Clinic we make dentures or realistic false teeth that are expertly made using the latest and most up to date techniques in or clinic and dental laboratory. We understand that everyone is different, that is why our service is fully customizable in order to give you lifelike and functional results that are perfect for you. There are many types of dentures that we make using different materials such as acrylic, metal (cobalt chrome), flexible (nylon) and semi-flexible, implant retained, Puran (hypoallergenic), and our own brand Ultra suction dentures, Wabi-sabi and Yeaba (imperfect smile) dentures.

There are many options available to you, so we will go over every aspect of the design process to create a denture that is perfect for you, that is why we offer a FREE consultation to all new patients to assess and discuss your denture needs and denture cost Sometimes we can make a big difference to your dentures just by a simple adjustment and we can usually do this while you wait, so there is no need to be without your dentures, or we can restore the fit of your current denture by a simple reline the very same day. So it’s worthwhile booking an appointment, and we will advise you of all costs with no hidden fees whatsoever.

We offer aftercare to all our denture patients, giving you peace of mind, these range from 3 months for temporary dentures to 5 years for our Premium+ range. The aftercare includes repairs, relines and minor adjustments for the period covered.


Where are we located?

Our laboratory and clinic is located in Islington Wharf Penryn, near Falmouth in Cornwall, and caters for all aspects of removable prosthetic’s. We have plenty of free onsite parking located right outside our front door.


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