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Denture Costs

As there are so many different variables (such as materials used) that go into creating your denture, it is difficult to provide an exact price prior to a consultation. However this is a general guide to our denture costs and what you can expect to pay.

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Price Guide


Our basic range of dentures is £285 per person. 



Made from very tough, but natural looking materials.

Ultra suction is included as standard. 

Prices start at £750 per denture.


Premium Plus

These are our top of the range dentures.

Made from the finest quality materials, thereby giving you true to life aesthetics, as well as the best possible results and function.

Ultra suction is included as standard.

Prices start at £1200 per denture.


Cobalt chrome partial dentures

Metal framed partial dentures are extremely strong, much thinner and less bulky in the mouth when compared to conventional plastic dentures.

Prices start at £645 per denture.


TCS and Valplast flexible partial dentures

Made from special tough nylon material and are virtually unbreakable.

Prices start at £445 per denture.

Aftercare Plan

We offer aftercare plans to all our patients, giving you the peace of mind, that should you have any issues with your dentures we will continue to look after you. 

Plans range from three months for temporary dentures to five years for our Premium+ range.

Our aftercare plan includes repairs, relines and minor adjustments for the period covered. 

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