valplast flexible partial denture

Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexible partial dentures are a great choice as they are beautiful, comfortable and functional. They are an excellent alternative to partials made with metal clasps.

As part of our service, we offer both TCS® and Valplast® flexible partial dentures.

Flexible dentures are…

  • Beautiful and comfortable

They are virtually invisible, so no one will notice the difference between your natural teeth and your denture. The materials used blend naturally to your surrounding tissue and gums. 

The resin in flexible partial dentures is also lightweight and thin, thereby increasing comfort and fit. Flexible partial dentures adjust and flex with the contours of your mouth as you eat, smile and talk.

Fixed restorations such as bridges and implants will usually feel much like your natural teeth when finished. However, these are also more costly and the process may not be suitable for everyone. A flexible partial is a great affordable denture alternative. It is also non-invasive so also ideal if you have a low threshold for pain.

  • Tough and durable

Dentures made from acrylics and metal alloys may be prone to more breakages. The resin used in flexibles will never break through normal ‘wear and tear’ over the denture’s lifetime. 

TCS and Valplast restorations are designed to last a lifetime. Modifications may be needed as time goes by, due to the natural changes in your mouth. However we will usually be able to modify rather than replace your existing denture. 

  • Hypoallergenic

They are also a great option if you are allergic to common dental materials such as acrylic or metals. The thermoplastic material used is non-toxic and contains no BPA.

  • Incorporate Additions

If necessary, we can also add extra teeth to your flexible partial.


Can full dentures be made?

We personally do not offer flexible complete dentures at the current time.

Valplast and TCS are generally only used for partial dentures. Full dentures require a degree of rigidity in order to stay in place in the mouth. The flexibility of TCS and Valplast is therefore not suitable in a full denture.

However, they may be considered for full dentures in some situations. For example, if you are allergic to acrylic; prone to breaking your acrylics; or if you struggle to wear a ‘rigid’ full denture due to the shape of your mouth. It may also be appropriate if you have dental implants for the purpose of retaining a complete denture.


TCS and Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures

We are able to create flexible partial dentures with both TCS and Valplast. However, we will always discuss with you what materials are best for your needs. 

As an added bonus, flexible dentures also take a short time to make. We make all our dentures on site! 

How much do Flexible Partial Dentures cost?

Prices start from £445 per denture. 

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