ultra suction dentures

Ultra Suction Dentures

We have spent many years perfecting our ultra suction dentures technique. And it is offered as standard (should you want it) with our Premium and Premium Plus range of dentures. 

As you would expect the technique creates an excellent suction. And in so doing it prevents the denture from excessive movement or risk of coming loose. 

Ultra suction dentures use an alternative approach to taking impressions. Specifically, we record the exact anatomical features of your soft tissue and the underlying bony structures, thereby minimising any distortions. As a result, the technique allows for a more accurate denture form and better denture suction.

We only use the technique on complete dentures, not partials. 


How much do ultra suction dentures cost?

Care Denture includes the ultra suction technique in the price of our Premium and Premium Plus ranges.

Prices start from £750 and £1200 per denture, respectively.  



More about ultra suction dentures

Dr Jiro Abe a Japanese dentist pioneered this innovative practice. Prior to Dr Abe’s innovation, it was thought that you could not design and fit dentures on the lower jaw that wouldn’t have this problem. With this in mind, he combined a four-step fabrication technique- the Bio-functional Prosthetic System (BPS) with a lower-jaw denture. 

You can visit his website, or watch the videos below to find out more about the technique.


BPS Aesthetic Denture


Are they right for me?

If you have struggled with the fit of your dentures, then this is a great option for you to consider. This is something we will discuss with you at your initial consultation. We work together to find out what is the best denture for you in terms of comfort, fit and functionality. 

If you would like to find out if they are the right fit for you, book a free consultation today


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