Denture Repair Service

Denture repairs while you wait

We always endeavour to carry out your denture repair as quickly as possible. And we will often be able to undertake your denture repair while you wait. If your denture is damaged, cracked or broken, our denture repair service is here for you.

Emergency denture repair

We also offer an emergency denture repairs service, including weekend appointments.

We make all our dentures onsite, therefore we are able to fabricate a new temporary denture in a very short time. As with our standard repair service and depending on the damage incurred, we will always endeavour to undertake your denture repair while you wait. 

How long does it take to do the repair?

This depends on the type of repair, the extent of the damage, or if someone has already attempted a D.I.Y repair. We will always assess the damage and advise on price and how long it will take. We will also advise on any other options that may be available. For example, we may fit a temporary denture, whilst we make your new permanent denture. Or it may be necessary to take an impression of your mouth before we begin the process of restoring your denture. However, most dentures can be repaired while you wait and often within an hour. 

What should I do if my denture breaks?

We understand that not having your denture often causes distress. However we advise that you do not attempt the repair yourself; either with superglue or a repair kit. Do it yourself repair kits may seem like a cheaper option initially, but you could render the denture unrepairable or make it more costly to put it right. It is far better to have the repair done by a professional. Repairing and making dentures requires specialist equipment and qualified and experienced technicians.

If you absolutely have to superglue your denture as a temporary fix (for aesthetic reasons only); then be sure the denture is dry and use only a very tiny amount. Superglue is not meant to be used in the mouth!

  • Keep all the pieces together
  • Please try to avoid using super glue
  • Please do not attempt the repair yourself
  • Contact us as soon as possible and we will advise the best time to come and see us

Denture breakages frequently occur during the cleaning process, therefore it is always advisable to clean your denture over a basin of water.

A denture may not initially break into pieces but instead develop a small fracture line which will compromise the flexural strength of the denture. This means that whilst biting and chewing food, it will no longer be able to withstand the forces applied. Unfortunately, your denture is likely to break sooner rather than later.

If your denture has broken, contact us immediately via phone, or email. We will endeavour to undertake your denture repair as soon as possible.

Irreparable? It may be time for an upgrade!

If a denture has broken into two or more pieces and those pieces can be fitted back together, then it can normally be repaired. However, if the denture is old or has broken many times before without a successful repair, then it may be time to consider getting a new denture.

Not only can we repair, we can also add and replace missing or broken teeth to your denture. We can also make adjustments and carry out cleaning.

While we will endeavour to repair your denture to the highest standard possible, please be advised that we are unable to offer guarantees for repairs to dentures we did not make ourselves. There may be numerous reasons why your denture is breaking (ill fit or simply old). We will always seek to offer you advice on your choices when you bring in your denture for repair. 

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