The best dentures for you is all about communication

Getting new dentures

Providing dentures is a difficult task, pretty much the ‘dark art’ of dentistry. It’s also a long and complicated procedure, both in the clinic where we see you, the patient; and in the laboratory where we process the dentures.

Now, the reason it is so difficult is that we are dealing with a human. And most humans do not like having someone work in their mouth! We feel on some level it is a violation of our personal space. It is important to us that we treat every patient as an individual. You are completely different from any other person we have provided dentures for.

With most denture wearers there is usually some anxiety and fear of visiting a dentist. You may also have very limited knowledge of what is actually being done at each appointment, further adding to any feelings of anxiety and unease.

Communication is key

It is important that we have a good talk with you and understand exactly what it is you are looking for. Equally important is for you the patient to know what it is you require.

There have been many occasions where I have asked, “What are your specific requirements?”‘ and received the answer: “Well you’re the expert, I’ll let you decide”.

Unfortunately, this is not going to get you what you want!

I have learnt that rather than ‘talking at you’ and explaining all the different options; what patients often need is to be shown something tangible or visual, for me to make suggestions, and then let them decide what it is they want.

As a denture or a dental patient, ASK QUESTIONS! Do not be afraid to point out if something doesn’t feel quite right.
It is YOUR mouth and YOU are in charge when you visit a dental practice, not the dentist or dental professional.