Getting New Dentures- What to Expect During the Process

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New dentures- understanding the process

From the time you and Care Denture make the decision that new dentures are right for you to the final fitting may take anywhere from one to six weeks.

During that time you will have several visits for impressions and fittings to ensure that when you finally get your new dentures, they fit and look as best they can.

We hope that by familiarising yourself with the process, you will feel more confident about getting new dentures. And help reduce any lingering anxiety or doubts that you may have.

Communication ,and more importantly listening to you, is key to ensuring we create the best denture for you.

Here’s what you can expect to happen:

Step 1: Taking Impressions 

The first thing we do is to take impressions of your mouth using a putty-like material.

We will also assess how your upper and lower jaws relate to one another and measure the space between them.

Then we perform an ‘intra-oral’ and ‘extra-oral’ examination. This is just a basic health check to see that everything is okay before prescribing a new set of dentures. (We will always refer you back to your dentist or Doctor should you have any health issues you need to address prior to making your new dentures). 

We then cast these impressions in our own dental laboratory, and make a custom tray or trays and the wax occlusal rims (also referred to as bite blocks).

Step 2: Secondary impressions and occlusal registration

We then take a second impression or impressions with the custom-made trays. The wax rims are placed in the mouth and trimmed to the correct height and width.

At this stage we also discuss what will be the best shade and colour for your teeth.

We then cast the second set of impressions in the Lab.  A wax ‘try-in’ is produced, by setting the false teeth and occlusal rims record in wax.

Step 3: Wax ‘try-in’

At your next visit, you will be fitted with the wax ‘try-in’.

Before we finish the dentures in acrylic, we make all the necessary adjustments or corrections. Once we have decided that the wax try-ins are correct, we produce the finished dentures.

Step 4: The Final Fitting of your new dentures

At your final fitting, we will then fit the dentures. We also perform a number of checks to ensure they are correct and not causing any discomfort.

Step 5: Adjustments

After wearing your new dentures for a few days or weeks, you may find they rub or hurt; it is therefore important you return to the clinic to have an adjustment. 

All our new dentures come with an on-going aftercare plan.

See our page on Types of denture and communication for more information.

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