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A history of false teeth and dentures.

antique false teeth or denture

A Denture is a prosthetic device designed to replace missing teeth. They are also called false teeth. There are two main categories of dentures, complete dentures and Partial dentures, they can be made for either the upper ‘maxillary’ or lower ‘mandibular’ dental arches. Historically, dentures have been around for quite some time, and some have been discovered in what is today’s Mexico dating back to around 2500BC, and are thought to be made from wolfs teeth. […]

Oral Health


Oral health is more than just taking care of your teeth, and there are many other reasons why you should visit your dental professional regularly even if you wear complete dentures and have no remaining natural teeth. So apart from tooth decay, gum disease one of the most important things in your oral health checkup is screening for oral cancer. Like with most types of cancer early detection can save lives! So this is important especially […]

Giving you the dentures you want is all about communication.


Getting new dentures. Providing dentures is a difficult task, pretty much the dark art of dentistry. It’s also a long and complicated procedure, both in the clinic where we see you the patient and in the laboratory where we process the dentures. Now, the reason it is so difficult is that we are dealing with a human, most humans do not like having someone work in their mouth and feel on some level it is […]

Getting New Dentures- What to Expect During the Process


The denture  process From the time you and your dental professional make the decision that dentures are right for you to the delivery and placement of your new denture may take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. During that time you will have several visits for impressions and fittings to ensure that when you finally get your dentures, they fit and look as best they can. Familiarizing yourself with the process will help you feel […]

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